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SEO services

Natural promotion of the site by optimizing the site, its content and external links. (SEO – search engine optimization).

Search engine optimization has become one of the most popular marketing strategy highlights, which creates a huge added value for the business due to high positions in the Google search engine.

The main advantage of SEO – ensures long-term dominance in the high positions of search engines.

Based on long-term experience, it can be concluded that it pays more financially to optimize a website for search engines than to spend money on one-time advertising campaigns.

The process includes site SEO audit, technical changes, optimization of content, images, loading speed, link structure and many other actions.

This is called internal optimization.

In the next stage, external optimization is performed, during which a structure of backlinks with content is created.

During this process, articles are written that are hosted on other websites with links to your website.

In this way, the website’s authority in search engines is additionally “raised”.

How does the whole process work?

01. Website audit

We identify the weaknesses of the website and provide recommendations

0.2 Keyword Analysis

We select the most suitable keywords based on search volumes

0.3 Competitor Analysis

We check your biggest competitors and determine ways to surpass them

04. Coordination of work plan

We coordinate the work plan, the budget and start the work

0.5 Implementation of Process

We carry out pre-arranged actions according to the planned plan

0.6 Reporting

After each month of work, we provide you with a report showing the shifts in keywords.

How will I benefit from SEO services?

Web traffic increase

Search engine optimization results in a significant increase in website traffic.

Growing brand awareness

Visitors start to recognize your brand better and high search engine positions have a huge impact on increasing brand awareness.

Sales increase

After optimization for search engines, sales also increase automatically, because customers find you faster and more often

The cost of SEO services

SEO mini

500per month (without VAT)
  • Number of keywords: 1
  • Competition: Low
  • Internal text optimization
  • Link building
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SEO - Premium

999per month (without VAT)
  • Number of keywords: 3
  • Competition: Intermediate
  • Internal text optimization
  • Link building
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1500per month (without VAT)
  • Number of keywords: 3
  • Competition: Intermediate
  • Internal text optimization
  • Link building
  • Speed optimization
  • Code optimization
  • Position tracking and monitoring
  • SEO article writing
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